August 10, 2023 (Trip 1)

It was summer fun with my little anglers this morning. Brett and the crew iced up a nice limit sea bass. Fish tacos tonight for sure.


August 6, 2023 (Trip 2)

Evandro, Nico and their family and friends returned for what has now become their annual fishing trip with us. Like prior trips last week, we started out bass fishing and caught and released a number of slob striped bass. We then took the gang bottom fishing and put together a nice catch a sea bass and scup. Looking forward to next year’s trip already in the calendar!


August 6, 2023 (Trip 1)

Rubin Rubio and his crew came back this year after missing a trip last year, and the action was just as good as they remembered. We started off with the striped bass and landed multiple oversized fish, releasing all of them, before returning to do some bottom fishing and loading up with sea bass and scup.


August 5, 2023 (Trip 2)

We had first timer Edmond Kurtovic out with us for the afternoon. The group of eight wanted to start off catching some striped bass and that’s exactly what we did. We fished for about 40 minutes, and had all slob bass. No slots this time around. We then switched over for some bottom fishing and the guys put together a nice catch of sea bass and a couple of scup in the mix. Unfortunately, we didn’t snap many photos for this trip, but here’s one of the many oversized striped bass we released. 


August 5, 2023 (Trip 1)

We haven’t seen Steven Doodnauth since before the pandemic and it was great to get him back out on the boat with us today. He and his eight buddies did great job first with the striped bass, catching a few overs and releasing them, followed by boxing a limit of quality sea bass. A perfect return trip! Hoping we’ll do it again next summer with them.


August 4, 2023

We were lucky to get Erik out today. The last two seasons we had to cancel, due to the weather. These boys had non-stop action. First they caught three slot bass, releasing a number of over sized fish. Next, we iced up a limit of seabass, and even had time to add some fluke to the mix.


August 3, 2023

We had Marc out for his second trip of the season. They were lucky, and had 4 slots. Then we took a little ride, iced up a few fluke to 8 pounds, as well as a limit of seabass. We’ll see this group again in the fall. Great day!


August 2, 2023 (Trip 2)

It was nice having George on the boat again. We caught a few slots, then went bottom fishing. They iced up a fluke and a limit of sea bass as well. Nice afternoon for these gentleman.


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