August 27, 2023 (Trip 1)

We had a good morning of fishing with Steve and the boys. The bluefish were ferocious, but the guys wanted a few of them, so it worked out well. We put a bass and a few blues on the boat to start, and polished that off with a dozen or so sea bass. Will see some of these guys again later this season.


August 26, 2023 (Trip 2)

Another great annual trip in the books with Christine, Joe and the gang. Tons of bluefish at the start of the trip, so we took a break to do a little bottom fishing and loaded the boat with a limit of sea bass. After that, we made another couple swipes to see if we could find the striped bass, and on first pass put a slot in the box.  Mission accomplished! Can’t wait to see these guys again next summer.


August 26, 2023 (Trip 1)

Despite the clouds, fog, and heave, Andrea, Chris, Julie and Dan kept the rods bent on striped bass all morning. We put one slot in the box, and topped that off with a nice catch of sea bass. They’ve already got us booked for two trips next year, and we look forward to seeing them then.


August 24, 2023

We had Don and the boys out for an afternoon of bottom fishing.  They caught a quick limit of sea bass and a nice pile of scup to go with them. They even enjoyed some sea bass sashimi on the way home.


August 23, 2023

It was a beautiful afternoon for Alex’s third trip of the season. We caught bass of all sizes, keeping a slot for the grill. They also iced up a dozen sea bass to mix it up a little. See them again in the fall.


August 21, 2023 (Trip 2)

It was a picture perfect afternoon, for Seth’s trip. They iced up two slots quickly, then added a few seabass to the mix as well. Next stop, the bbq.


August 21, 2023 (Trip 1)

We had the Greenwood annual summer trip this morning. They caught a perfect slot right away, then switched over to bottom fishing. Keeping just enough to eat for the week, releasing everything else. Enjoy!


August 20, 2023

After the wind from yesterday died down, it ended up being a beautiful day on the water for Joel Avelli and the boys. We started the trip making a couple of swipes for striped bass, and put two slots in the box. That was followed up by loading the boat with a limit of 30+ sea bass, and we topped that off with a handful of fluke. We’re looking forward to seeing some of these guys again in November for their annual blackfish trip. 


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